Self catering accomodation by Schull Holiday Makers, holiday homes in West Cork, Ireland, Skull, Schull
The Mizen Peninsula, West Cork

The area is renowned for its quality food and each town has its country market day where local produce can be sampled. Tasty jams, artisan breads, honey and cakes, locally produced salamis, sausages and meat and fish fresh from the ocean. Gubbeen, Durrus, Gabriel and Desmond cheeses are made locally. Producers exchange goods on their travels bringing in items from farther afield. Many are members of the Slow Food Movement, so alongside the indigenous treats the markets are a source of foreign delicacies. From beyond the shores of West Cork come olives, oils, vinegars, nuts, cheeses, pimentos, relishes and marinades …. the list goes on.
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Collins, holidays by Schull Holiday Makers, Schull, West Cork, Ireland